Welcome to AspUser 1.2 Website

What is AspUser?

AspUser is an active server component for managing Windows NT/2000 users, groups and permissions. Designed as a hierarchy of objects and collections, AspUser gives you an intuitive object-oriented programming interface.

AspUser Features

  • Ability to add, delete, rename and enumerate NT users and groups, on a local box or across server and domain borders.
  • Ability to retrieve and change various user and group account properties. AspUser exposes 37 user account properties.
  • Ability to allow users to change their NT passwords over the Web.
  • Ability to change user membership information.
  • Ability to impersonate arbitrary user accounts.
  • Ability to retrieve and change Access Control Lists (ACLs) of files and directories.
  • Ability to set a file owner,
  • Ability to change a domain user account's Primary Group property.
  • AspUser is fully integrateable with Visual Basic.
  • AspUser provides server browsing functionality via the Servers collection and Server object.
  • AspUser provides methods for obtaining current user, machine and domain names.
  • AspUser has no hardcoded messages in English. Every error message it throws is in the native language of the system it is running on (with the exception of expiration- and registration-related messages).
  • AspUser optionally includes genuine Windows error codes in the beginning of all exception messages to give the developer more flexibility in handling errors.
  • AspUser comes with fully functional ASP-based User Manager and User Manager for Domain applications, so that you can take advantage of the component without having to write a single line of code.

What's New

04/24/2014 AspUser released
The service release fixes a bug causing the error "The API return buffer is too small" when loading local group members.
08/05/2010 AspUser 1.2 compatible with 2008/Vista/7
This release removes AspUser's reliance on the system library rassapi.dll which is no longer supported on Windows Vista, 2008 and 7 and makes it compatible with these versions of Windows.
08/20/2007 64-Bit AspUser released
The native 64-bit version of AspUser is now officially released.