Ace Object


The ACE object represents an Access Control Entry (ACE) from the Discretionary Access Control List (DACL) associated with a given file. It encapsulates the account name, domain name and access mask for this ACE. An ACE object can be obtained via the methods File.GetAllowanceAce and File.GetDenialAce.

Member List


AccessMask As Long (Read-only)
Specifies the Access mask for this ACE. It can be a combination (sum) of the standard as well as object-specific access types defined in the file To check a particular type in the mask, use the CheckFlag method.

AccountName As String (Read-only)
Specifies the account name for this ACE.

DomainName As String (Read-only)
Specifies the domain name for this ACE.


Function CheckFlag(Flag As Long) As Boolean
Checks if a particular flag in the access mask is set. Flag can be any combination (sum) of the standard or object-specific access types defined in the file